Innovation lives here.

The Rhode Island Office of Innovation is a governor’s initiative launched in January 2016 to support and positively impact public systems in the state.

Highlights & Happenings


One year in, check out how our Lighthouse school are doing

Watch our recently released videos showcasing Captain Isaac Paine ES, Barrington MS, and 360 HS. And then dig into data from the schools tracking progress and lessons learned during their first year as Lighthouse Schools.


Get involved with the RI open textbook initiative

Read about our cross-university partnership to save college students $5 million over five years. Outreach, trainings, and other supports are available to help faculty utilize free and openly licensed textbooks. Be part of the movement that has saved RI students over $2.2 million to date. 


XQ+RI: Rhode Island’s XQ Challenge

XQ, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to reimagining high school, has selected Rhode Island as its first-ever statewide partnership. Stay tuned for more on how to join the #XQRI Challenge, helping us reimagine high school education for the 21st century.



"Part of creating opportunities for all Rhode Islanders is putting their needs first and turning away from how government has always done things." — Gov. Gina Raimondo

The Rhode Island Office of Innovation inspires and accelerates innovations in our state's largest systems, from state government to education to infrastructure, with the goal of redesigning government to be more user-centered, efficient, and responsive. We use non-traditional strategies to advance this goal forward, engage local implementation partners at every stage of the process, and assess and iterate on projects every six months.