Providence, RI | Grades 9-12 | 234 Students | 25 Teachers

360HS aims to personalize learning through positive development of youth, exploration of career pathways, and deeper learning opportunities for students. Their work as a Lighthouse School immerses students in three “learning labs” to allow them to explore and design learning experiences based on their interests, talents and growth areas.

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The STEAM Lab serves as the center of their approach to the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The Idea Lab is concentrated in the humanities and deeper learning through activities with design-thinking, problem-solving, and service-learning opportunities (it also encompasses the community-building advisory period, called 360 Hub). The Career Lab is focused on exposing students to current/anticipated workforce fields by leveraging existing relationships and forging new partnerships within the community.

We’re trying to build a positive learning culture where students trust our faculty, they trust each other, they work together, they’re able to learn by taking risks and failing sometimes in a place where they’re going to learn from that failure, move forward with that learning, and have success.
— Kerry Tuttlebee, Principal

Progress to Date 

Increased Student Engagement

Increased Student Achievement

Student responses on statewide culture & climate survey

2017-18 NWEA mean scores; all grades

Since implementation of initiatives through the Lighthouse Challenge, 360HS students’ social emotional growth and engagement have improved, with an increase in students’ trust in adults.

In response to questions about how attentive and invested students are in school on SurveyWorks, the annual statewide culture and climate survey, students at 360HS reported an increase in favorable responses from Spring 2017 to Spring 2018.

  • When asked: How excited are you about going to your classes?, 36% of students responded favorably, an 8-percentage point increase from Spring 2017.

  • When asked: When you are not in school, how often do you talk about ideas from your classes?, 30% of students responded favorably, an 8-percentage point increase from Spring 2017.

School-year 2017-2018 saw increases in student performance on the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) MAP assessment. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, students across grade levels had an increase in mean score on both the math and reading assessments for growth.

Individualizing Supports for the whole student

All students have a personalized education plan that is evaluated formally by the student with the guidance of a Hub (advisory) Leader at least once per semester and with the family at least once in a Student-Led Conference.

Students are exposed to PSAT/SAT preparatory approaches through Hub, as well as integrating prep strategies in academic courses.

Decreased Incidence of Chronic Absenteeism


% students chronically absent from 2016-2017 to 2017-2018

Students at 360 High School attended school more often and showed decreased incidence of chronic absenteeism from 2016-2017 to 2017-2018. This was the case on average schoolwide, as well as across gender, race, special education status, English Language Learner (ELL) status, and eligibility for free or reduced price meals (FRPL).

Lessons & Learnings

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Rethinking Advisory with 360 HUB

Students at 360 participate in “Hub,” or advisory, every morning. The students sit in a circle and talk about pressing topics in their lives, their families, or current events.

“I feel connected to my Hub and they are like a second family to me.” - 360HS Student

Students reflect that because they have personal connections to teachers, they are more likely to get the help they need in understanding a concept or completing an assignment. Their teachers understand their learning styles and provide multiple ways to learn a topic.

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Collaboration & Communication

360HS experienced difficulties with communicating and proper messaging of PL to teachers and across different departments:

“How do we get this out in a way that resonates with faculty and helps them connect the dots of the work across these different departments?

We have small groups working on different things, because we don't think everyone has to do everything all the time, but then we have to figure out those communication loops so that everybody's in the loop as much as they want to be or need to be.” - 360HS Administrator

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Parent Engagement

Family members participate in student-led conferences and Community & Family Engagement (CAFE) Nights. However, the school is still working toward positioning parents on the leadership team or assembling a working group to involve parents and guardians as decision making agents.

“We have an awesome parent community. There’s not one way that parents participate in their child’s education here. It’s an area that we frankly just need to continue to improve in.

Our goal is to find out from parents how they want to be involved and to value the many different ways that they’re able to do that.” - 360HS Administrator

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