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Mobile/Wi-fi HOtspot Borrowing:

Many public libraries loan out mobile hot spots for patrons use. A mobile hotspot can be used anywhere and will usually allow several devices to connect to the internet. It can be a short term solution for needed home internet access for special projects or a job search. Here are some options we were able to find:

Digital Equity Champions provide free wifi. Visit the following locations for access:

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Wi-Fi Finder:

You may be able to save your data plan on your phone or other device by accessing public wireless internet options. Most public libraries have public wifi for patrons use. You may also find open wifi options at coffee shops or other businesses. We also recommend the following options:

  • WiFi Map - A free mobile app on App Store or Google Play Store

    • Download the app to help find a free wifi option wherever you are.

  • Facebook Wifi Finder:

    • Follow the directions to the right to utilize this Facebook feature to find wifi options.