Rhode Island’s EdFi Pilot

Why EdFi

Data interoperability is laying the foundation for innovation in the State of Rhode Island and empowering an uncommon alliance between districts and the state to decide a solution. With the support of Ed-Fi and InnovateEDU, local LEAs and the state of Rhode Island are laying the groundwork to strategically leverage the content and data assets across several systems that integrate content and applications from a variety of sources and vendors.  While there is tremendous optimism around the potential for personalized learning and data-driven instruction, education opportunities are often stymied by a variety of data challenges from educators being forced to log in to a myriad of systems, to data being out of date by the time it is available, to basic challenges around data accuracy. Our goal is to create a data ecosystem where accurate, timely data support Rhode Island’s drive for innovation and personalization.

Project Goals

To achieve this vision, Rhode Island districts and the Rhode Island Department of Education have realized that prioritizing data interoperability among the vendors with which they do business is imperative.  This work towards interoperability is required for districts to get the data we need when we need it, to support the planning and implementation.

Through this project, InnovateEDU, the RI Office of Innovation, RIDE, the Highlander Institute, and RISTE:

  • 1) support the implementation and integration of EdFi Data Standard

  • 2) develop a set of business rules, processes, and best practices for empowering district’s to manage their data

  • 3) develop an Ed-Fi standards adoption strategy

  • 4) develop tools and processes to preemptively address data integrity and governance issues, and

  • 5) provide mentorship and technical assistance to partner LEAs.

Work to Date

To date, our primary focus has been centered around:

  • Creating work plans for the state of Rhode Island and involved districts; district, state, and vendor engagement;

  • Developing a strong governance model through a Technical Assistance Group (TAG) for the project including monthly TAG meetings;

  • Determining best ODS hosting options for districts that cannot host on premise;

  • Deploying EdFi ODS and building an API at the Providence public schools and RIDE on-premise for the seamless transfer of the data

  • Receiving live Student Information System (SIS) skyward data and testing at PPSD

What to Expect

In the coming months, our main work streams are to get more districts and vendors on board with the initiative and test the live API feed; finalize a contract and stand up a Cloud ODS infrastructure for smaller districts; and build dashboards using the EdFi Operational Data Store (ODS), which helps districts to visualize student data in a better way and make informed decisions.  

Get Involved

If you would like to be engaged and/or have any additional questions, please reach out to Manaswini Davuluri at manaswini@innovateedunyc.org.