Rethinking Education

Inspiring a systemic shift in education to better prepare today’s learners in a changing world

XQ+RI: Rhode Island’s XQ Challenge

XQ+RI is a statewide partnership to support high school redesign so when students graduate, they are prepared and empowered to be inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and adult lives.


Educator Prep fellowship & Design challenge

This project connects current K-12 educators with teacher preparation programs to collectively support innovations and shifts in programming and curricula.

Personalized Learning Initiative

Before we can work toward personalized learning, we need to come together as a state as to what the term means. With input from forty stakeholders, this paper does that--grounding us in our collective goals.



Computer Science for Rhode Island (CS4RI) takes a coalition approach to reduce barriers to providing quality computer science education to students and professional development to educators.

RI Open Textbook Initiative

Since September 2016, all eleven Rhode Island higher education institutions have pledged to support efforts to save college students $5 million over five years through the use of openly licensed textbooks.



EduvateRI, the state's education innovation cluster, brings a diverse set of stakeholders together to network, surface, and solve persistent problems in education.

Lighthouse Schools

In Rhode Island, our Lighthouse Schools act as models of how learning can be personalized within the walls of the typical school building.


What Matters Now Network

In partnership with the RI Department of Education and Learning Forward, we’re working with a pilot group of districts in RI to use Improvement Science to better schools’ professional learning to support implementation of strong curricular materials.

Education Innovation Research Network (EIRN)

The Education Innovation Research Network creates research-practitioner partnerships to answer tough questions on best-practices in education innovation.

Fuse RIC

Fuse RIC is a first-of-its-kind fellowship for educator preparation faculty. The program helps faculty implement and evaluate personalized learning strategies, best supporting their teacher candidates for 21st century classrooms.

Rhode Island EdFi Pilot

It’s in the weeds, but hugely important: For student data to be both secure and usable, it must be interoperable. The Rhode Island EdFi Consortium and Technical Advisory Group supports district implementation of this open source, secure, and interoperable data standard.