RI Personalized Learning Initiative


In order to strengthen Rhode Island’s economic future, we need to prepare our students for the economy of the future. To do this, we’re working with state and local partners to revamp our public education system throughout Rhode Island by spreading personalized learning to every public school in the state.

We're doing this to ensure that every student has the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to pivot, grow, and thrive in an evolving world. We're doing it to ensure that our students are prepared to make the most of their futures.

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The shift toward personalized learning means adapting pace, place, and method of instruction to suit each learner’s unique needs. It means being responsive to our diverse student population’s cultures and backgrounds. And it means instilling in all students agency over their own learning.

The Personalized Learning Initiative is an iterative, open-source effort. We hope families, educators, administrators, state and nonprofit leaders, and anyone else who believes in the promise of personalized learning will identify additional supports the initiative can provide.

If you have ideas or projects that you would like to connect with the initiative, please reach out via this website's contact form.