Educator Prep Fellowship & Design Challenge


Too often, education preparation and K-12 education efforts are siloed--with the great learnings from one sector not transferring well to the other. For our system to work optimally, the two must be true partners, with innovations in K-12 immediately and directly informing the efforts of educator preparation (and vice versa!). During the spring of 2018, the RI Office of Innovation, in partnership with the RI Department of Education, is supporting two concurrent efforts to help spur innovation in educator prep and better connect our two teammates. 

First: We are working with a cohort of 18 RI education leaders, from superintendents to classroom educators, who will serve as peer mentors for and ambassadors between education preparation programs and K-12 schools and districts. 

Second: We are hosting a Catalyst Speaker Series with our prep programs, showcasing innovative practices from across the country around educator diversity, data usage, and more to seed new ideas and support innovations in our current prep programs. 

In the summer of 2018, we'll bring these two efforts together through a Prep Program Design Challenge. Stay tuned for more!


Interested in learning more?

Read details about the Ed Prep Design Fellowship here.